Glide SF – Creating Superheroes through the Generosity of Strangers

On June 25, 2014, I spent the evening at Glide Memorial, a nonprofit based in San Francisco that strives to break the cycle of poverty and alleviate the suffering of the underserved.

The event was an on stage interview between Ben Horowitz & Lars Dalgaard followed by a book signing. What I didn’t expect was their cupcakin’ bromance on stage that set the perfect tone to candidly discuss the #hardthings: the digital divide; homelessness; slavery, past and present; and profanity in the workplace, to name a few topics.

My favorite quotes of the evening:

“As a CEO I slept like a baby: I woke up every two hours and cried” ~@bhorowitz

“The beautiful thing about profanity is instant emphasis and clarity” @bhorowitz

How did slavery even stop? The abolitionist movement occurred in an era with no Internet and no airplanes! It started with a small group of people. We need that now. Modern day slavery is happening to women all around the world. They don’t have basic human rights, they are sold by men, and are killed if need be – and all under the guise of cultural practice. @bhorowitz [quoted to the best of my ability]

“I believe in the magic of people. Give beyond your genetic potential” @larsluv

“Who would you trust more: someone willing to be vulnerable with you or someone who acts tough?” @larsluv

And my all time favorite:

“@GLIDEsf creates superheroes through the generosity of strangers. Case and point: Felicia Horowitz, the modern day Wonder Woman” (Seriously, follow @FelicaHorowitz on Twitter she’s amazing and her presence will improve your life)

Public Health Practice:

1. The digital divide has the potential to exacerbate or eliminate disparities that negatively affect vulnerable populations, such as the homeless. We need to do everything we can to integrate Internet technologies within these at-risk communities in order to reduce disparities in education, health, and wealth.

2. Create a superhero! Be apart of the Glide movement #poweredbyLOVE here: Image



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